Cubs 8-10.5 Years Old



Around the time a child turns 8 years old they will begin their transition to Cubs. If they are already a member of Beavers then they will probably attend Beavers and Cubs for a few weeks, whilst they get used to the move. It is still possible, subject to space availability, for a child to join the Scouting movement at Cub level. A Cub section is refered to as a Cub Pack and our Cubs meet on a Tuesday between 6.30 and 8.00 pm.

Cubs on ropes

At Cubs children start the activities most people associate with Scouts – one day hikes during the day, archery, camping, rafting to name a few with some meetings at the hall and others visiting various places.

The Cub promise is:

I promise that I will do my best, to do my duty to God and to the Queen; To help other people and to keep the Cub Scout Law.


The Cub Scout Law is:

Cub Scouts always do their best; Think of others before themselves and do a good turn every day.

For more information on Cubs visit the UK Scout Association website at:

If you have a child aged between 8 and 10.5 years old, interested in joining our Group, then please email